Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ready for Back to School? Essential for Learning the Traditional Art of Photography

By Brendan Keenan, Penn Camera Tysons Corner

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Well it's that time of year. The kids, and many college students are getting back to school. While this may be bad news for many students, luckily some subjects are always entertaining for students at almost every level. Of course, photography is very popular, and many students study photography in place of traditional "paint and clay" art classes.

Even with digital photography dominating the future of photography, film is still hanging on strongly (and serving as a great way for students to learn the fundamentals of exposure and camera settings, not to mention printing and composition). Many people study photography at every level every year, and they all need one thing: good prices on the specialty photography goods they will need to complete their assignments. Luckily there is one place you can get all your photography supplies, at discounted prices. That place of course, is Penn Camera.

Whether you are in a beginning class, using manual film cameras and learning to do your own developing in the darkroom, or taking a college level photography or graphic arts class, Penn carries all of the supplies you will need this coming semester. Let's examine what you will need for a beginning photo class, like a high school photography class, from camera, to film and paper, and some other essentials along the way.

For these classes students will need the essentials, since they will be learning the basics. A good film camera, with full manual control will be needed. A 50mm lens is usually all you will need to start. Students may choose to experiment, but in class most photography will be black and white, developed in the darkroom. So of course, you will need plenty of black and white film, as well as paper. Get enough because trust me, at first, there will be a lot of bad exposures. These are all valuable lessons in the long run, but make sure you are fully stocked. Don't wait until the last minute when an assignment is almost due to run to the nearest Penn Camera. You'll need paper and film, as well as developing reels and tanks, negative sleeves, gloves and tongs for use working in the darkroom, and many other things. Your school will probably provide you a grocery list of supplies to pick up, luckily, they are all available at Penn Camera. We are happy to offer student discounts on almost all of these items. Click here for a complete list of student equipment and prices.

Of course we carry all the essentials for college photography too. High end image editing programs, professional grade inkjet printers, papers and inks, and a wide selection of digital cameras, video cameras, and other imaging equipment. This year, make your one stop for back to school Penn Camera. We offer many discounts for students, carry a full selection of basic to advanced photographic and imaging needs, and we will match any local retailers prices on the same item. Good luck this semester, we'll see you soon!