Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gallery at Laurel: Photographers Tom Fretz and Renee Montes

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Gallery Opening for Photographers Tom Fretz and Renee Montes
Penn Camera Laurel
Friday, August 6th
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Tom’s interest in photography began in the late 50’s on a trip to Europe to attend the Boy Scout World Jamboree. Over the years, his photographic interest has had peaks and valleys due to professional responsibilities. For several years in the 70’s, he I was intrigued with Black and White photography and the challenge of the darkroom. From the late 70’s through the mid-90’s his professional activities curtailed his photographic interests to little more than a point and shoot approach, but in the late 90’s with an increasing commitment to international travel related to his academic career, his photographic interest was rekindled.

In the spring of 2001, Tom was encouraged by a colleague to learn to scuba dive. Not only was he fascinated with the underwater environment, but after no more than a few dozen dives, he knew that if he continued to scuba dive, he could not do so without taking a camera below the surface. Initially he began with a Nikonos V system but rapidly graduated to a Nikon D-200 in a Subal housing with dual Nikonos SB-105 strobes and either a 105 macro or 20mm wide-angle lens with the accompanying lens port. In his pursuit of underwater photography, Tom is committed to capturing images from these unique and beautiful environments that few have the opportunity to see and enjoy first hand. “It is critical that images from the world’s diminishing reef systems are captured before witnessing further environmental damage to these unique and irreplaceable treasures,” says Tom. “As much as I enjoy creating these and other images, my greatest joy comes in knowing that others enjoy viewing them.“

In addition to his interest in underwater photography, Tom has a continuing interest in floral, garden, travel and architectural photography. For more information about the images on display or to see additional images please contact or go to

Renee Montes is an amateur photographer in the Baltimore area. She studied photography in college and I have a Master's degree in IT. "I love working in Adobe Photoshop to create art out of images!" says Renee. She currently shoots with a Canon 5D Mark II with a range of Canon lenses, and enjoys photographing infants, children, and animals. "My previous experience as a veterinary technician makes it easy for me to work with animals, and I have a 2 year daughter that has given me priceless experience working with infants, and children."