Thursday, August 12, 2010

Promaster: High Grade Photographic Accessories

By Brendan Keenan, Penn Camera Tysons Corner
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Perhaps you are like most people, and photography began as a hobby, or something you studied in school. As you grew as a photographer, so did your gear. New lenses, cases, filters - the works. Then you realized that photography can be a very expensive hobby, especially for photographers who begin to earn money with their photography; and may do weddings on the weekend, or shoot sports or events and require more and more sophisticated (and expensive) gear. As you grow as a photographer, so do your needs for accessories and equipment. Of course so does the price tag. Luckily, there are some great alternatives to your sometimes pricey accessories.

Whether you need a beginning film camera, along with the filters and black and white paper to do your own darkroom developing and really learn photography from scratch, or you are looking for a high quality studio setup complete with lighting, backgrounds, and stands, you can look one place for price, performance, and quality. Promaster. Penn Camera is proud to be the biggest local supplier of Promaster photographic equipment.

Promaster is a distributor that specializes in high end photographic accessories that are sold at a much lower cost than name brand accessories. From the most basic digital equipment like Promaster brand SDHC and CF cards, available in high speed and professional lines, to filters ranging from basic film filters to the higher-end Promaster Pro Digital series of filters (available in Protection, UV, and Circular Polarizing). Need a replacement or a backup battery? Promaster makes replacement batteries for nearly every current and popular point and shoot and DSLR camera on the market. Have the battery, lost the charger? No problem. Promaster also carries travel chargers that will work worldwide, and charge almost all current and even many older model digital camera batteries. They'll even charge your USB devices, like an iPhone, Blackberry, MP3 player, etc.

No matter what your photographic need, Promaster has an accessory that is right for you. Let's say you are just getting into low light photography. You'll need a tripod, as well as an off-camera shutter release, whether it is a wireless remote or a shutter release cable. Promaster has you covered. Their line of tripods range from inexpensive models to high end carbon fiber tripods for reduced weight, and increased load. Oh, and they make cases to carry your tripod in as well. Maybe you need the perfect background for your portraits, as well as some additional lighting and stands, reflectors, supplemental flash units, basically an entire studio setup. Promaster has kits for complete lighting setups, backgrounds and background supports, and also offers units separately, so you can add just the equipment you need. No matter what your photographic needs are, there is a good chance you can save some money with Promaster equipment.

Stop by your neighborhood Penn Camera today to speak to our staff about the full line of Promaster products, and see for yourself how much you could save! Plus, we know our customers expect quality, so we can assure you that you’re still getting a great product. Our stores offer a full line of Promaster photographic accessories and our knowledgeable staff can explain the benefits, as well as making sure you get the right product for your particular point and shoot, video camera, or DSLR. You can also view our full line of Promaster products in all categories on our website, Remember whatever you need, you can be pretty sure Promaster has it.