Monday, August 23, 2010

Gallery at Tysons: Gallery Opening for Photographer Kevin Maxson

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Gallery Opening for Photographer Kevin Maxson
Penn Camera Tysons
Wednesday, August 25th
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Kevin Maxson is a Virginia-based photographer who began his journey with the Canon Snappy 20, a compact 35mm film camera, in 1982. Undaunted by his little sister breaking its lens cover, he continued to take photographs with it. Today, he is a loyal Nikon owner and has his camera with him wherever he goes. It has accompanied him to places as far off as Italy and as near as Great Falls. He has explored genres from glamour and beauty portraiture to scene and landscape photography. Among his photographic acheivements, Kevin has had his photographs published in the book Carving Classical Styles in Wood by Frederick Wilbur.

Always striving to improve, Kevin has taken instruction from James Harrington, Stan Goldstein and renowned glamour photographer Rolando Gomez. Currently, he is enrolled at the Washington School of Photography in Bethesda, Maryland in order to receive a certificate in professional photography.

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