Monday, June 14, 2010

Gallery Penn Pikesville - Robert & Linda King

Join us!
Gallery Opening for Robert & Linda King
Penn Camera Pikesville
Friday, June 18th
5pm to 8pm

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The Gallery at Penn Camera is an ongoing exhibition of photographs by artists who seek to explore and cultivate their visual expression.

Robert and Linda White King were married in June 1974. This exhibition celebrates 36 years of marriage as well as 36 years of artistic collaboration and mutual inspiration. As a married couple, each is very different from the other in personality and interests. And, while their works are also very different in content and technique, each has mutually benefitted from the other’s artistic style, point-of-view, and technical expertise. It is fitting that this conjunction of photographs and digital Photoshop illustrations should come to be exhibited together on the 36th anniversary of their wedding. As Merriam-Webster online states that “conjunction” refers to “a configuration in which two celestial bodies have their least apparent separation,” it is amusing, that in artistic and photographic expression, each of these two individuals have also found their own personal point of “least apparent separation.”

A sampling of the images you will see Linda & Robert's gallery:

Robert King is currently a salesman with Penn Camera Pikesville. Robert’s love for photography was a natural outgrowth of his love of trains and model railroading. As he sought to capture the beauty and romance of trains, he also desired to make an accurate and detailed photographic record of the magnificent machines, their stations, outbuildings, equipment, and surroundings, so that he could accurately create life-like models, layouts and dioramas. His love for photography gradually took on a life of its own, and he broadened his subject matter to include much more than just trains. While trains and train stations are still a favorite subject with Robert, he is not above capturing the haunting beauty of a nearby skeletal warehouse, a captivating sunset, a fleeting heron, or a wildflower.

Linda White King, originally from the Washington, DC area, moved to Baltimore to attend Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), where she earned her BFA in 1974. She fell in love with Baltimore and with Robert, and after their wedding, settled in Baltimore City where they raised two children. Linda has always enjoyed drawing and oil painting, but the demands of life required that she earn a living by using the computer. While completely intimidated at first, she has grown to consider Photoshop, in particular, her favorite artistic tool. Originally, Linda used photography as a means of recording her artworks done in other media and also as a way to capture fleeting images which could be used later in studio paintings. Soon, the line between art and photography became happily blurred. Now, she creates her art directly in Photoshop, where she occasionally incorporates typographical design and her own original poetry. She sometimes uses photographs in the same way that a painter would use a “still life model,” and sometimes she manipulates the photographic images themselves. For ten years, Linda has owned her own art and photography business - Linda M. King Studio. She also serves as Senior Graphic Designer for CAM Publishing Group, Inc.— publisher of Science Weekly, a national award-winning elementary school publication, for which she does layout production and digital illustrations. Visit her web site at:

Please join us on the evening of Friday, June 18, 2010 for the opening of “con•junc•tion,” with Robert and Linda King.