Thursday, June 10, 2010

Be the first to learn about new gear

By Chip Lenkiewicz, Penn Camera Tysons Corner

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In the age of the internet, rumors abound. I am a Mac geek here. And to be honest I know more about what Apple has up their sleeves (as most of us Apple/Mac geeks do with web sites like For the Apple geeks out there - no, there been any employee that left the next Nikon D400 or Canon 60D on a bar stool.

Sure there are rumor websites out there that post threads that tantalize us with what might be coming out in terms of new cameras or lenses. Some come true, but many are false hopes.

The truth is that we at Penn Camera only learn about new cameras the same day that you do when looking at any number of digital camera websites. For myself, each day as I check my emails and the latest news before heading off to work, I also look at sites like DPReview to see if there is anything new before I get to work.

But I will share a little "secret" with you - just promise not to share it. :)

There are two times a year that new product is generally announced.
That is in the Spring and the beginning of Fall. There is a reason that CES and PMA are held around February, and why Photokina is held in September - this is perfect timing for announcing new products.

In the end, you probably know as much as we do on new models. But, given what I just shared with you, you should keep an ear to the ground toward the beginning of Fall for new gear announcements!