Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Battery Charger Solutions - Carry Less Gear when You Travel

By Chip L., Penn Camera Tysons Corner

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We are so tied to our digital cameras and other stuff like our cell phones, iPods, BT headsets, and the such. So many of the devices today charge via a USB connection for things like the iPod or cell phones. Then you have some of us that travel with our digital SLR's that might use different batteries. And so many "charger bricks" for those items that charge from a USB type of connection.

I found a solution with the ProMaster battery chargers. Right now I am shooting with both Nikon and Olympus DSLR-type cameras. With three different battery types. Which would require me to carry three different battery chargers. But with the ProMaster DSLR battery charger I only have to carry one charger in my travels. For point and shoot users we also have the same chargers available for your camera as well (call us for availability).

Yet with any of these battery chargers - there are added bonuses that I like. First of which is that any device that charges via a USB cord can be be charged with these chargers. The other bonus is that that ProMaster offers a travel kit. This is great place to store the charger and extra batteries. But also included a car charger adapter as well.

Not sure about you, but I am so over needing to carry so many charging "bricks" with me. And as I fly less these days (another post maybe
LOL) keeping my batteries and other devices charged is a good thing in my car as I drive to my next stop.