Friday, April 9, 2010

Gallery Opening at Penn Camera Pikesville

Join us!
Gallery Opening for Photographer Barbara Oremland
Penn Camera Pikesville
April 9th
5pm to 8pm

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The Gallery at Penn Camera is an ongoing exhibition of photographs by artists who cultivate their visual expression. A photograph is a captured and shared memory. Barbara Oremland, a physical therapist and veteran of freelance writing, surrendered at a youthful age to the fate of an avid historian. Barbara is a Civil War lecturer and member of the Friends of Gettysburg. She is passionate about the legacy of Gettysburg through education and preservation.

Barbara has lovingly captured over four hundred images of Gettysburg. The painstaking process of selecting only twenty of her “children” proved extremely exhausting. The battle of Gettysburg gave birth to a multitude of profound moments, and Barbara is in awe of the complete human and natural experience that is Gettysburg. For anyone who has walked it’s hallow ground Gettysburg, possesses an immeasurable peace. Barbara shared with me, “It is a profoundly spiritual place.” Whether it occurs with her presence on the battlefield or when engaging in historical discussion Gettysburg, commands the ability to overcome Barbara in a gasping manner. The landscape of Gettysburg is likened to the canvas of a great painter. This landscape is a vivid canvas of life and death. Barbara is never surprised about the continual emotional pull she experiences to the landscape and to those who inhabited it even if only for a limited amount of heartbeats.

Each time she releases her camera’s shutter at Gettysburg two simple but powerful words are at the forefront of her thoughts. “Thank you” may be inaudible to others but is as loud as cannon fire within her head. Barbara has said, “Courage and the human spirit reached extraordinary levels. Compassion and suffering were at immeasurable levels. “Those who make the pilgrimage keep the spirit alive of those who fought here.”

Please join us on the evening of Friday, April 9, 2010 for the opening of “Visions of Gettysburg.”

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