Monday, November 29, 2010

Gallery at Fair Lakes: Employee Show!

Employee Gallery at Penn Fair Lakes
Penn Camera Fair Lakes
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Now on display thru January! A very special showing of employee images in Penn Camera Fair Lakes.

Join us for a highly diverse showing of employee images in the Fair Lakes store. One of the things that separates Penn Camera Employees from our rivals in other stores is that many of us are real photographers.

Gaze with wonder upon a country road that leads to points left only to the imagination, look with nostalgia upon a venerable Stearman Biplane as it taxis by, see a classic example of why a Holga in the hands of an artist is not just a toy camera, and feel the emotional power as a WWII veteran looks upon the Vietnam wall. These are just some of images on display in Penn Camera Fair Lakes right now.

By Bill Moravek

By Joe Martin