Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Great functionality in a sweet little package: The Nikon Coolpix S80

By Brendan Keenan, Penn Camera Tysons Corner
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When it comes time to buy a good point and shoot camera, most people look for something that is easy to use, but still produces good images; and hopefully manages to be a good-looking and nice to handle in the process. If you want ease of use, coupled with unparalleled style and functionality in a sweet little package, look no further than the new offering from Nikon, the Coolpix S80.

The S80 is considered a sub-compact, or ultra-compact camera, meaning it can be easily carried in a pocket or purse. About the size of a thin cell phone, the S80 offers an impressive set of features for such a slim little camera. One of the great standout features on this camera is its large, 3.5" OLED screen. This touch screen not only offers full control over all camera function (menus, zoom, you can even take a picture simply by pressing the screen!), but also offers one of the most high resolution screens available on a point and shoot camera. The OLED technology offers incredible detail, a wide viewing angle, as well as vivid colors that just can't be reproduced on a standard LCD screen. You can even use the camera's editing features to get really creative with your images after you have taken them, without ever having to connect to a computer.

As nice as the screen is, it is just the start of the features on this powerful little point and shoot. It is a 14 megapixel camera, for high image quality and detail, even when cropping and enlarging. It manages to pack a 5X optical zoom into it's tiny frame (35-175mm equivalent). It has the standard set of Nikon features to help you get the most out of every picture, like Nikon's scene mode technology, and Nikon's VR image stabilization system. The VR allows for shooting at much slower shutter speeds, and will drastically improve pictures taken in low light, something that many point and shoot cameras struggle with. It also offers HD video recording with stereo sound, so when it comes time to capture a video in high quality, you know that you will be prepared, and playback is made easy by directly connecting the camera to an HDTV. Given the feature set, this camera is really something.

Of course, this camera is not for everyone. Some people like to be able to adjust shutter speed and aperture on the fly, or use manual focus when the need arises. This camera is not for those people. This is the perfect camera for someone who loves to own the most cutting edge technology available, and wants a device that will not only be simple to use, but will take great quality photos and video. Luckily with the Coolpix S80 that is exactly what Nikon has provided. A truly stylish point and shoot that will make all your friends ooh and aah (and possibly get a little jealous), but will come through when you need it to get the most important pictures.

If you are looking for great quality, fun features, and ease of use all in a stylish little package that can go wherever you go, The Coolpix S80 may be just the camera for you. It is certain to be a big seller this holiday season as touch screen point and shoots that perform well continue to become more and more popular. Stop by your local Penn camera today to try out the Nikon Coolpix S80 for yourself. You won't be disappointed.