Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just Announced: New Nikon Coolpix Cameras

By Brendan Keenan, Penn Camera Tysons Corner
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It's a great time of year for the photographic industry. Every other year, the Photokina trade show is held in Germany, and since it is a bi-annual event, most manufacturers make big product announcements and we learn what kind of toys we'll have to play with in the months to come. While Nikon is sure to be no exception, they have already announced a few new compact cameras ahead of the big show that are currently getting a lot of attention. With good reason. Their recently announced models offer an ultra stylish compact, a super versatile compact with a long zoom lens, and a high performance model offering quality and precision good enough for serious photography.

If you like a camera that is pocket sized, but offers style and a good range of features, the recently introduced Coolpix S80 may be just what you are looking for. An ultra thin compact, this 14 megapixel camera still packs in a 5x wide angle optical zoom lens to give the user a good range even in such a slim and sleek camera. It also boasts a high resolution huge 3.5" OLED touch screen, for outstanding ease of use, as well as amazing image clarity and color. It also comes with 720p HD video, Nikon's VR image stabilization, and is available in a variety of colors. This may well be the hottest new compact come the holiday season.

If you are looking for a camera that offers even more versatility, but without having to carry around multiple lenses and big bodies, the new Coolpix S8100 is perfect. This camera packs a big 10x optical zoom into its fairly compact frame, plus a lot more. It has an advanced high performance CMOS image sensor for outstanding image quality, and can shoot full 1080 HD resolution stills and video. And you won’t miss a shot either, since it offers high speed shooting of five frames per second in continuous mode! With fast start up time, fast auto focus, and a very quick shutter, you can be ready at a moments notice to get those great shots other cameras might miss. It also has a large, high resolution 3” LCD screen, as well as Nikon’s VR image stabilization, which will definitely come in handy, since this camera has a 300mm equivalent telephoto lens. Looking for big range and performance without the big camera? Look no further than the Coolpix S8100.

Which brings us to their last recently announced model, the P7000. This camera is the highest end Coolpix camera to date, and is aimed at serious amateurs, even professionals who like to have high performance cameras that are more portable than some of their other gear, but offer precise control over all aspects of shooting. From low light, to fast action, to wide angles and close ups, this camera can do it all. It even offers compatibility with Nikon Speedlights, and offers lens attachments for even more range and control. If a more run of the mill point and shoot just won’t do, and you’re looking for the highest level of quality in a nice portable package, than the P7000 is perfect. Precise image control, and versatile features allow more advanced photographers to unleash their creativity, without a whole backpack full of gear.

So if this is what they announce before the show, what will Nikon have waiting to debut at Photokina? We’ll be here to bring you all the best new cameras as soon as we hear about them. Until then to learn more, visit our website, or stop by one of our stores to learn more about all the newest gear and equipment that is coming soon.