Friday, May 14, 2010

Gallery at Fair Lakes - Photographer Katie Reeg

Join us!
Gallery Opening for Photographer Katie Reeg
Penn Camera Fair Lakes
Friday, June 11th

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Camping and hiking with her family since she was very young, Katie Reeg has enjoyed taking photographs at any opportunity. As she matured, her interest in this hobby grew into a passion. Since her interest in photography began, her works has primarily involved landscapes. Coming from a military family they moved often and she was exposed to varied National Parks. Her admiration of famous landscape artists such as Ansel Adams made her want to capture the interesting places she had seen and make them as stunning as she could. She is continually awed by the vastness of our country and the varied landscape that she finds on her hikes. She enjoy searching out the hidden locations to achieve the composition she desire. Katie tries to capture her photos as representational utilizing sunlight, water, and reflections as the key elements. "The lighting gives the photo energy, drawing the viewer to the photo, while the water and the use of refection give life to the photo," says Katie.

A sampling of the images you will see at her gallery:

Katie likes the challenge of working the scene from different angles and settings to get the best composition she can. One of her latest pieces of photography focuses on landscapes from the local region. It is titled “Dark Hollow Falls” and was shot in the evening as the light reflected on the flowing water. When taking her photographs she tends to take them in the early morning or evening to give the photos a richer texture. Her idea was to capture the moment where the viewer can envision themselves watching the water actually flowing down the rocks. In this photograph, she focused on movement to bring out the best composition while at other times she accentuate absolute stillness using reflection or lighting to bring out the effect she desires to show the experience of the place.

Her goal is always the same though and that is to present the viewer a photo that will draw them into the image as if they were there. Please visit to view more of Katie's work.