Friday, January 22, 2010

Reviewing the Canon 7D

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The Canon 7D Digital SLR camera is the latest development from the noted and cutting edge Canon. The camera is available for purchase after intense development and interviews with over 5,000 photographers to determine what needed to be included in this piece of top of the line camera equipment. Available at as well as Penn Camera locations in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia, the Canon 7D is second-to-none for professional photography. The camera is designed with excellent features to capture the interest and excitement of photographers. Improved resolution, processors, AF, light metering controls, HD video, and more automatic and manual controls make the Canon 7D SLR a formidable piece of photo equipment.

The Canon camera boasts 18.0 effective megapixels and the capability to shoot stills and video. Coupled with the versatility to capture images at 12800 ISO and up to a speed of 8fps, and with Dual “DIGIC4” processors, the Canon 7D is capable of taking amazing photographs in all situations and environments.

Accuracy of images is aided with a new high performance AF system that allows photographers the ability to track subjects quickly in both landscape and portrait composition. Highly customizable AF settings coupled with a new metering system aids photographers in composition, capture and consistent exposure. The new Focus Color Luminance metering system gauges focus, color and luminance through 63 zones. In addition, the camera has an Integrated Speedlite Transmitter to help photographers experimenting with unique and challenging light set ups.

Another benefit to photographic accuracy is the Intelligent Viewfinder. Along with 100% frame coverage, a transmissive LCD in the viewfinder allows photographers to choose between using AF points, composition grid, a spot metering circle and Dual-Axis Electronic Level to accurately frame shots and level the horizon.

The Canon 7D allows photographers to record Full HD movies, and has a variety of tools to aid in this process. Frame rates and exposure can be adjusted, and AF can be used to help track subjects. In addition to the ability to trim movies, the camera has buttons dedicated to movie use.

The Canon 7D SLR is highly customizable and is compatible with a wide range of camera equipment. Photographers can set specific controls for different settings and functions, making on-the-fly adjustments easy and specific to each photographer’s needs. All EF and EF-S lenses and well as Canon EX Speedlites are compatible with the Canon 7DSLR and are available at any good camera store. A completely redesigned camera with amazing features based on the needs of photographers’ worldwide is in store for those who purchase the Canon 7D SLR, an easy choice for professional photography.

For more information or for inquiries, visit or any Penn Camera location. Experts at camera store locations can help you decide if the Canon 7DSLR is right for you, and give you information and tips to help make the most of every feature available on this professional piece of photo equipment.